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Welcome to Ability Lock & Safe Ltd., your trusted partner for commercial panic bars in Calgary. We comprehend the importance of ensuring the safety and security of your retail space, and our team is here to provide reliable solutions. 

Exit Alarm in Calgary

Safety regulations are paramount in the bustling city of Calgary, especially regarding emergency exits. Our commercial panic bars, or exit devices, are designed to facilitate quick and efficient egress during emergencies. With our exit alarms, you can rest assured knowing that your property is supplied with the latest technology to alert occupants and authorities in an emergency.

Door Push Bar Installation in Calgary

At Ability Lock & Safe Ltd., we specialize in professional door push bar installation services in Calgary. Our skilled technicians have years of experience installing commercial panic bars on various types of doors, ensuring proper functionality and compliance with local safety codes. Whether you need panic bars installed on single, double, or fire-rated doors, we have the expertise to get the job done right the first time.

Smoke alarm in a modern building

Frequently Asked Questions

Answering some of your most asked questions:

  • What Are Commercial Panic Bars?
    Commercial panic bars, also known as exit devices or push bars, are safety devices installed on exit doors to facilitate quick and easy egress during emergencies. They allow occupants to exit a building rapidly by pushing on the bar and activating the door latch mechanism.

  • Does the Law in Calgary Require Panic Bars?
    Yes, commercial buildings in Calgary must have panic bars installed on designated emergency exit doors to comply with safety regulations and building codes.

  • Can I Retrofit My Existing Doors with Panic Bars?
    Our Ability Lock & Safe Ltd. team specializes in retrofitting existing doors with panic bars. We can assess your door configuration and recommend the best solution to ensure compliance and enhance safety.

  • How Do Exit Alarms Work?
    Exit alarms are electronic devices integrated with panic bars to detect when the door is opened. When the panic bar is activated, the exit alarm emits a loud audible signal to alert occupants and trigger emergency response protocols.


For all your commercial panic bar needs and commercial services in Calgary, trust Ability Lock & Safe Ltd. Contact us today!

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