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Why Should I Install a Fire Safety Lock Box?

Talk to one of our experts and learn about the benefits of a fire safety box


Fire departments throughout Calgary rely on lock boxes to enter into your property safely in case of an emergency. If you are looking to install a Fire Department Lockbox at your commercial property, call the experts at Ability Lock & Safe Ltd. We offer a variety of fire safety solutions to meet the security access requirements of your property and help the firefighters deal with incidents as quickly as possible.


Please Note: Effective June 1, 2006, Alberta Fire Code (AFC was instituted, and buildings in the city of Calgary were ordered to install approved Fire Dept. Lock Boxes.


AFC states, in part that:

  • A building that incorporates the fire protection equipment, elevator control or door access outlined in sentence 2 shall provide a key box constructed, keyed, and located in a manner acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction containing a set or sets of keys or devices required to be used in an emergency.

  • A fire department key box shall be installed and provided with keys and devices in conformance with Sentence 1 in a building equipped with:

    • A fire alarm system whose control features, including those for emergency voice communication systems, are located behind a locked panel,

    • A fire alarm system in which manually operated devices require a key or device in order to be reset,

    • A fire alarm system in which the electrical circuit breaker is located within a locked panel or room,

    • An automatic sprinkler system in which the main control valve is locked in the open position,

    • An automatic sprinkler system in which the main control valve is located within a locked room or enclosure,

    • Firefighting standpipe and water supply connections in a locked room or area,

    • A key-operated elevator control feature that will permit exclusive use of elevators for firefighting personnel only,

    • A key-operated control feature that will switch selected elevators to operate on emergency power,

    • Stairway doors that have been locked on the stairway side in conformance with the AF, or

    • Locked access doors to a roof provided for firefighting purposes.

Benefits of the Fire Department Lock Box

Installing a fire department lock box in your property has its own benefits. Consider this, a lock box:

Provides emergency entry in case of a fire or medical hazard
Allows faster entry of the firefighters, thereby reducing the potential damage caused by fire
Prevents costly forced entry through doors and windows
Reduces firefighter injuries and increases the efficiency of the fire department

If you would like to learn about our lock box installation process, please contact us.

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