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Why Medeco®?

Medeco® has numerous benefits when compared to other lock systems in the market.


Protect your valuables against theft and other potential damages by installing high security locks in your Calgary property. Ability Lock & Safe Ltd. carries locks and keys from Medeco®- the number one seller of high security locks in North America. Take a look at some of the benefits of installing a Medeco® product below.

medeco lock

Even a damaged Medeco lock still needs a key to open it.

Take a look at the benefits and safety Medeco® products offer:

Prevents key duplication

All keys are cut specifically to code using specialized equipment

Keys cannot be cut big box stores – only by your designated locksmith

Assigned authorization – set-up upon installation

Sign forms and identification required from your authorized personnel for key duplication

Toughest material on the market - made from hardened steel

Pick resistant

Key bumping resistant

Rated #1 brand in high security locks

Medeco® Locks

Medeco® locks are considered to be one among the strongest locks in the market today and have received the highest security level of ULC labeling. These locks have been rated as number one in the industry according to an independent test done by a consumer magazine. Medeco® manufactures complete lock hardware that is way more efficient when compared to other locks and provide complete security for your home or building. 


Medeco® locks have one of the best padlock selections ranging from the super tough high strength steel to the corrosion resistant models. These come with pick proof cylinders and key restrictions so that you can be at peace when away from your residential or commercial property.


These are used and recommended in many government and high security locations including the universities and colleges all over North America. Medeco® is the only high security lock manufacturer in North America and the products are manufactured in Salem, Virginia and have a Canadian warehouse in Ontario.


We offer free estimates on your initial consultation, call us!

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